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Marianne is the mother of two school-aged children, so there is never enough time to read, but more than there used to be! She enjoys fiction, science-fiction/fantasy, children's literature and is branching out into memoirs and non-fiction. After 8 years of teaching high school and 10 years of raising her children she is very happy to play hooky and work at the bookshop. Has it already been 3 years?!


Maria loves loves loves to read! She'd rather read than cook or clean...ask her husband...she has been known to give her three daughters cereal for dinner so she could finish a good book. And hey, they grew up fine! When not reading she is walking the dog or working at the bookshop or sleeping.


I am the mother of three adult daughters, one of whom just had a baby boy. Reading has been a life-long hobby and discussing books is an integral part of that hobby - first with my dad, then friends, then (and now) daughters and husband, friends in the bookstore and soon, my grandson. Maria and I take turns facilitating the monthly bookshop book club, too. Usually, if you can tell me several books that you have read and enjoyed, I can recommend other books that you may like. I particularly like unusual fictional books - ones in which I can't predict the ending and/or well-written books. I read suspense and mystery, general fiction, memoirs, sometimes biography and history and quite a bit of teen fiction, which is often well-written and unpredictable. This is my dream job and I feel privileged to work here.


Kathy loves working in the bookshop, meeting all our customers and staying in touch with the new book releases. As a mother of two children, one in college and the other in high school, she has finally gotten the time to be able to read without much interruption. When not working, Kathy enjoys aerobics and running, cooking and eating, photography and being with her husband and family. She enjoys all types of fiction, suspense, and memoirs.


Martin graduated from George School in 2010 and is currently attending BCCC. He spends much of his newly-found free time finding new books to read. Working at a bookshop has always been a goal of his, so working where he bought novels for most of his young life was an even greater accomplishment. He reads through fantasy and science-fiction like it's his second job.


As a life-long reader, I have always envisioned myself surrounded by books. When I was laid off, I felt now might be the time to work at something close to my heart: books. Growing up I read any classic book or play I could get my hands on, as well as historical and political fiction, suspense and new releases. More recently I tend to read fiction with strong character and relationship development OR memoirs depicting an individual's ability to overcome his background. I have a particular fondness for children's books due to my two granddaughters, ages 7 1/2 years and 9 months. They both love reading and books. Also close to my heart are my 2 female Westies, who are a source of delight and keep me on my toes.